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Originally Posted by eh69 View Post
BirdOPrey5 thank You very much! Its working great! Showing links only for selected groups is very good idea - I set links only for guest (google spiders)

Nominated for mod of the month

For me its great mod, but if You want do more options I have some sugestions:
-limit for link in one post (or thread if its posibble) - too many links is not good for seo
-limit for using one phrase i one post/topic - then more phrases will be using
-You can add some text about SEO, internal linking in description of the mod on forum - more poeple will be install this

ex.: internal linking is very important - wikipedia have strong seo because have good internal linking
Limiting to 1 link per post should be fairly easy I will try and get an update soon.

For your second suggestion- not sure I follow- are you saying to scan the post for all keywords and then only link the keyword that is used the most in that post?

As for SEO benefits I'm happy to see it discussed in this thread but my goal was to make a mod for people who wanted it, not to convince people they needed it- that's up to them.
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