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Originally Posted by Rckcrwlr View Post
Holding this one for install...

I am running v3Arcade, do I install vBarcade and then uninstall my old one? Also, will it carry over all the scores that are currently there?

If you want to be able to convert your old games, scores, and compatible settings, leave your old arcade installed, install vbarcade, run the import process, then remove the old arcade.

Please note that due to the way games work internally, you can only have one arcade present at a time; if you think the possibility exists that you might want to revert back to your old arcade, try installing on a test board. otherwise, the only way to go back would be with a file/database backup. This is true for all of the arcades (not just vbarcade).

Originally Posted by synseal View Post
Is anyone getting any issues on how the forum behaves after installing this?.

Had several members getting duplicate post also when editing posts then clicking save the save just takes forever.

Also the clicking the DB thanks like sometimes is opening in another window.

As soon as I disabled the arcade the save button works fine and no duplicate posts.

This is with both FF and Google chrome, VB4.1.5 PL1 running vbseo.
Do you have a large amount of traffic? There are very few plugins with vbarcade that operate outside of the arcade, none of which have anything to do with posting. The closest thing (by proximity) would be the postbit trophies. Try disabling only those and see if your posting stuff works.

Originally Posted by glen290 View Post
Been using this on the dragon byte website and it looks pretty good, would happily change from v3arcade but and this is a stupid reason, in work we use internet explorer 7 and the arcade wont work correctly with it, as the games refresh after you start.
I've been getting some reports about this, but it only seems to affect certain games played in the IE family, but not all (and some people can run those same games on their sites in ie just fine...). So, try it on a test install and if you can see some games work and others dont, let me know the ones that dont.

Originally Posted by ForceHSS View Post
the way it looks on your site was so different from the way it looked on mine. Mine was messed up alot also if i installed a game alot of images where missing and even if i installed it it did not remove the installed game from the list so i had no idea what was installed and what was so it meant going back to the site to look to see what ones where this took to long to check every game
If the game was missing images and did not remove itself from the available import list - then it didnt fully import. Sounds like your (dbtech)/vbarcade/media, (dbtech)/vbarcade/import, (dbtech)/vbarcade/import/temp folders were not chmod 0777, causing files to not get written everywhere intended. Verify those, try importing again, and let me know.
I probably want my scripts to work on your site more than you do!
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