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Originally Posted by wottech View Post
Speaking of which, if this is a port of Fusion Scripts, will I be able to import the db info from the phpbbgarage? That would make this even better!!
**The info below references the table, "phpbb_garage", where the DB prefix in this case is 'phpBB'.**

You should be able to, but I would make sure that the member IDs on your VBulletin install match those of your old phpBB forum install.

More specifically, your database info for your phpBBGarage will have matched the member IDs from your old phpBB forum install.

Therefore, you will need to make sure you look at the tables in your DB of the (soon to be installed) VBulletin port of the Garage AND your backed up phpBBGarage DB and compare the two and make any necessary adjustments.