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Thumbs down Facebook connect, duplicate content...

Hello there,

Well, Facebook connect is installed on my forum (vBSEOed)

My language parameters (cpanel) are ok, chose French instead of English... but the facebook connect* button only appears when my pages look like :/

Another 'naive' question, why do I have some identified errors (thx to analytics) even if there is only English and French available as languages ?

Furthers details can be found here :

* Is it related ? :
The connect logo and other facebook images that are default must be uploaded. Two main issues with images not showing are:
You downloaded the files only version for upgrade, hence you didn't upload the new images to your server, or
You have changed the default file locations from your stylevars and have uploaded the new images to the default location, and not your custom folder location as defined from your stylevar settings.
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