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Thanks again. I actually did something VERY similar to what you have. I have a custom profile field with the title "Year Began Bowling". On the view profile page (member.php), I used the same hook you did and put this in my plugin:

if ($profilefield['title'] == "Year Began Bowling") {

$profilefield['title'] = "Years Bowling";
$doit = intval($profilefield['value']);
if ($doit > 1900 && $doit < 2100) {
$year = intval(date("Y"));
$diff = $year - $doit;
$profilefield['value'] = "$diff years";


This changes the title to "Years bowling", and then shows the number of years if they put in a year between 1900 and 2100. This custom field already existed in our system as "Years Bowling", so I let thier old values still stay just like they used to. The ONLY differences to the end user are 1) Now asks for the year when filling out the profile, and 2) Autocomputes if a valid year was entered. I only add " years" on an autocompute, so we know it was autocomputed.

I'll probably modify my code to use the CORRECT fields instead of the profilefield['title'], but other than that the code is working like a charm.

Thanks so much for the shove in the right direction!
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