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Originally Posted by voglermc View Post
I captured a Front Page and Forums page using the colour palette and edited them a bit to shorten the images so that readers could get a look at the whole screen without too much repetition. I hope that they are helpful.

Originally Posted by reddyink View Post
...this is simple and bring in all the rounded edges.
I tried the vB4 Blue style, but I really just wanted a different colour palette, not new icons and a custom look. So, I created this simple colour update, which inherits all the default styling (you can use any parent style you like, actually). Thanks for the positive feedback, though.

Originally Posted by OldSchoolDSL View Post
I think this is the BEST vBulltin v3 theme look a like...
Thanks for the support! I was surprised to not be able to find one when I went looking, and I could not conquer the Style Generator's "purple" bias.

Anyone else looking to implement a harmonious colour palette could use this XML file as a guide to what stylevars to change, too. It is then pretty easy (hey, I managed it!) to export the "style" and post it, here.

Originally Posted by mitch84 View Post
...don't work with blog...
I did not customize any of the blog colours, but the global palette changes are persistent (if your blog is using a style that has this modification somewhere in its "parentage"). Is there something in particular that you noticed?
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