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Originally Posted by Paul M View Post
Release level is not an indicator of skill level.
I agree 100% with this.

Originally Posted by Ryan Ashbrook View Post
I understood what you meant, and I have to politely disagree with the sentiment.

I released mods here back in the vB 2.x days that were so simple I could rewrite them more efficiently now blindfolded and with one hand. Up until they changed it, I held Coder/Designer status for years. My point is, everyone has to start somewhere and we shouldn't discriminate the status because someone released something that isn't up to a certain Level.
I am new to vbulletin. I am using it for a little over 3 months now. So when I saw the ranks here I assumed automatically that that person was a coder, a designer and/or both. However later on I saw some of those users asking some very basic questions on how to do a certain thing that no coder should ever ask. I am not talking about mod releases, but questions asked at the forum about the simplests of things. Hence my wondering&confusion as to why someone that holds the coder title should ask something as simple as that even a newbe wouldn''t have asked. But now I have got it.

One more thing I want to clear up. I was not judging anyone nor it was personal. Simply curiousity.

And as to that part about learning and asking questions there is totally nothing wrong with it. Everyone learns new things every day. Personally, I have learnt a lot here just by studing the work of Paul M, Princeton, Marco, Lynne etc. And I am still learning btw as knowledge does not have an end or limits
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