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Originally Posted by ericgtr View Post
I never hesitate to ask, even simple questions if necessary and I believe everyone should be encouraged to do so. VB is always moving from one version to the next with completely new functions, etc. You can either dig around for hours or simply ask. New or old, we should be welcoming questions regardless of skill level. That's why there are so many forums here.

Personally, until now I have never needed help with anything and that is why I have never asked a single support question. I have also no problem with the questions being asked, regardless of their level. I like to help out whenever I can. If you checked my post history, here and/or at you will see what I mean.

But what I don''t understand is that my posts here (at this thread) are being totally misunderstood and/or misnterpreted completly for something else which I never said or meant. It seems to me that I am speaking in chinese over here No matter what I say, someone will jump in and say something completly out of context. Ah, forget about it. It ain''t worth arguing and get worked up over something like this.
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