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Thats lame idea. IMO

-Think of all the VB2 users that plan not to update to VB3. They will be out in the cold.

- Fork up some "green backs" $40-50$ and I am sure anyone would build you what you need. Time is money. If you can not live w/o a Hack to make your site run like you wish revert to Vb2 or pay ?

-This site is full of people that take time out of their life to give some love to other "members" that own VB by making add-on's. You have no right to "Demand" anything.

-Lastly, you can do what I did. RTFM and take the reins in you own hands by learning some of the LANG needed to work on your own site. Its not rocket science. (If I have no clue: I look it up, ask questions, search google,,, MIRC in #php, drink another beer and come back to it later )

You will find that more people love to help other people that try and fail than the ones that never try at all .
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