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I think I've had enough

I think I've reached the point to no return. I've been trying really hard to not come to this dissuasion, but with the way things are around here; I feel like I have no other choice but to stop releasing my work here, and supporting the hacks I have here now. Nothing around here is the same anymore. used to look at the coders as the gas that runs this site, when FireFly was around. But times have changed. Now, coders are just people who release some random scripts here. The community here gives nothing back to the people who spend hours beyond hours coding something that will never make them a dime.

Yea, we got ourselves our own forums. WOOT! well this only took 5 years to happen, and now anyone who releases a hello world script can access it. What happen to this hacks database system? When are we going to see this happen? Has this even been half way coded? Will it be months beyond months until we can use this? I can totally understand that a hack like this will not just code itself, and people have real life things to deal with. So why not hand it off to a team? There are hundreds of users here that would gladly dedicate some time to help code. Instead, you leave this in the hands of one person. Who hasn't been active in god knows how long.

I'm also really really sick and tired of customers coming to this site and demanding, bashing, and degrading what this site once was. Not only do the non-coder customers do it, but lately I've seen this in allot of the staff here.

For the most part, allot of the staff here do a fine job I'm sure. When it comes to moderating the post and what not. Though the unfriendliness and lack of professional attitude amongst the staff here disgust me the most, and that's the main reason for my dissuasion to leave. Just because you have a staff title, does not make you any better then anyone else. Staff seem to forget that we are coming here as a customer and releasing our work here FREE OF CHARGE. You need to think about that every time you reply to a customer. Stop treating people that post here like a baby, or some idiotic person.

Lately Paul M has been getting alot of heat from the staff, so it seems. Why is this? Maybe because when he post he is blunt and tells it like it is.Though when you post like that, that is considered a bad thing to some of the staff here. Well you know what? Get over it and move on and keep your mouth shut or just +++++ about us in your private forums or something. I don't spend hundreds of dollars a year to come here and see others treated with disrespect. Not only others, but myself has been treated with a great deal of disrespect in the past. Directly from 3 of the staff members here now. 1 which is no longer staff anymore. (Dean). is losing allot of talented coders and something really needs to be done. Jelsoft really needs to look at this site, and control whats going on around here. Yea, Jelsoft owns this site, but they certainly don't control whats going on around here. So I'm going to continue doing what one of the staff members here said. I'm going to continue waisting my money on my own forums and open a site for commercial hacks. Yes, I'm going commercial since allot of people look down on that. But TheGeek said it best in his own post awhile back, and on the vBCast show as well. Everyone hates when people go commercial, and show know sign of support. Yet they support a commercial product such as vBulletin itself.

I'll continue to check in the coders forum from time to time. To help fellow coders out, but you will not see any more work produce and released my me on I also don't want my previous work to be trashed or deleted as allot of new members can still benefit from them. So long and farewell. Need to get ahold of me, well you can PM me or read my profile.

I'm sure this thread will eventually get closed, in hopes for it to get buried like the rest.

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