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Although I understand it can be frustrating when the staff don't agree with your suggestions, you cannot honestly expect the staff to just do as you say. We're not your servants. If you make a suggestion we don't particularly like, we'll tell you. What, would you rather us just ignore it? Honestly, you say we aren't professional, but I don't see how disagreeing with members and having a discussion (not argument) about some suggestions makes us unprofessional. This forum exists for that purpose. This forum isn't us doing whatever you say. On your forum, if you have a suggestion forum, do you just wave your magic wand to whatever your members suggest? Some things suggested here are unreasonable, unethical, not economical and downright nasty and would make the staff look unprofessional which is what you don'y want to see from us.

Sorry to lose you, and I don't want you to go because you are a good contributor to the forums, but complaining because the staff scrutinize suggestions and comments made in this forum, which is its purpose, isn't a smart thing to say. I know I can look harsh sometimes, but that's just the way my posts sometimes come across. As I've said in another thread, it doesn't mean anyone here has a personal vendetta against you. Paul M gets this scrutiny the most because he is the most.. er... aggressive with suggestions and makes a lot of them. Doesn't mean I'm picking on him, or anyone else. I think he expects it when he posts here.

If you open your own hack forum, you'll learn this the hard way. Some members don't look at this from our perspective.. what can you do?

(I'm posting this because obviously you wanted some discussion on the topic. I'm not looking to be abused, its better than the staff not commenting at all. But I'm doing this in a friendly manner and I hope nobody takes this the wrong way)

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