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I hope you reconsider Ken

I too remember the "good old days" when Chen was around, I was a carefree spammer (well I still am sorta ) and we all had a great laugh, coded, chatted and the community spirit was never better

Sadly, I agree this has taken a fall in recent times, but let me turn it around on you - You want the community spirit back, but every time one of those who remember how it was leaves, a bit of what is left leaves with them, reducing it more for the rest of us and not accomplishing what you hoped when you leave...

I'm fairly new at this Staff malarky, and if I have come accross in any negative way, I apologise - I am simply trying to do my job here, like the rest of the Staff

But please don't be so harsh on us - We have a stressful time, we have to be civil and hold our tongue and think of how to behave properly on so many different occasions - We are only human, we make mistakes, we speak out at times when its probably best not to, and we can't be blamed for it either

People like you are a value to this site, not only because you remember what MyChenQL is but also because you contribute to the community and resources this site has to offer - Please don't let our being human make you leave