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Originally Posted by Tony G
As I've said in another thread, it doesn't mean anyone here has a personal vendetta against you. Paul M gets this scrutiny the most because he is the most.. er... aggressive with suggestions and makes a lot of them. Doesn't mean I'm picking on him, or anyone else. I think he expects it when he posts here.
I don't actually expect to be picked on

Whether you mean it or not, you cannot deny that you appear to have picked on a number of my posts recently and responded to them in a unfriendly manner - people have noticed this and a few have commented both in public and private - as I recall an administrator recently apologised about comments in a previous thread.

However, you state that it's not personal, and I'm happy to leave it at that. There is no benefit to anyone in a slanging match.

To Ken, I'm sorry you feel the need to leave, I hope that any disagreement between Tony and myself is not a contributing reason.
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