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a dealt with flag/marker??

hi there i have a forum that has a section where people help others to id songs by writing some lyrics down etc etc, now sometimes people post what info they know about a song but not fully id it. so what i was thinkig would be gould is to have an option that we can click when a tune has been positively id'd that will put some sort of a marker next to it on the list of threads (a flag or something would be cool) so that people know when something has been fully dealt with - i thought of closing the posts but sometimes people add more info afterwards to help the others out in locating the song so i dont think that would work well and also my other thought was to make a sub forum where i could move the ones that have been dealt with, but i think it would be a lot better to have a flag/marker option.

anyboidy know if anything like this has been done yet or anybody feel like giving it a go?

many thanks in advance
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