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Originally Posted by Seven Skins View Post
You could add css to additional-css template ..

.breadcrumbs-wrapper { position: fixed; bottom: 0px; z-index: 1000; }

I tried this in dev tool and breadcrumbs get stuck to the bottom of screen.
Thank you for your help and/or proposal

I've tried it and the truth is that by setting it in the background and floating based on the scroll you make, the forum header is somewhat out of place and in mobile version it is not good to click to access the breadscrumb.

Would there be no way to duplicate the breadscrum in the footer?

I understand that if CSS is not viable more than altering the position, it would be through JavaScript that is what I have seen on the net and do not just work. It is a limitation to not be able to edit the style template to simply add a line from the breadscrum in the footer. But... There must be an alternative, right?

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