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Forgive the dumb question, but ...

Does this hack simply control who can create a given bbcode when they post, or does it also control who can see given bbcodes when viewing posts?

For instance, lets say I want a [modsonly] bbcode, where moderators can embed a note in a post which ONLY other admins or moderators can see. For instance ...

[modsonly]This cheesegrits guy is a major pain in the you know what, always wanting stuff he can't have, this is just another example of old cheesy rambling on about stuff nobody but him cares about![/modsonly]

I'm assuming this mod doesn't quite get me what I want, in that it looks like I can restrict a custom bbcode to allow only certain groups to create the code, but once that code is in a post, anyone can then see the rendered result. Correct?

Still a very useful mod, but I'd really like usergroup control over both creation and viewing of bbcodes.

-- hugh
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