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Question Recover/restore deleted attachments - Parial Database restore

Login of one of our users is misused and all attachments are deleted via usercp->attachments (profile.php?do=deleteattachments).

We have the attachments on file system, so all attachments are physicall there and only information in database is lost.

We have the database backup before the deletion happend, but we localize the porblem already to late, there are many days and lot of new posts and changes are happened in forum since the incident. So simple rollback and database recovery with losing all new posts are out of discussion.

I would be thankful for help to find a steps how to extract necessary information from old database and merge it into new one.

So the main problem is how to recover information in database about attachments?

I am sure that simply merging/recovering data in database table "attachments" only will not be enough, as of attachments have been inserted into posts and corresponding posts must be recovered too.
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