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Note to skin translators.
I permit translations of this skin povided that the translated skin is linked to within this very thread once it is available, please make me aware of your translation personally with a link to the release thread so I can add a link to it in this post to make access to others easier.
Thank you.

There is a French Translation of my skin by kahouett available
Thanks to albibak for getting the French version organised.

Skin History:

Updated Version 1.1
Incorrect file types for sub-forum images corrected.

Updating from 3.8.0B1 to 3.8.0B2
Just revert the forumhome_forumbit_level1_post template, you're good to go

Version 1.0 B2 - skin updated to vBulletin 3.8.0 B2
Version 1.1 B2 - bug fixes - incorrect image type calls corrected.
Version 1.2 B2 - missing album images added and album template edited.
Version 1.3 B2 - Restructure of footer template to accommodate language chooser.
Version 1.4 B2 - Correction of merged background colours for several graphics throughout skin.

Updated to 3.8.0 BETA3

older versions removed.

I have more DARK skins available to members of my vB38Skin site, but my efforts are concentrated on Gothic/Horror/Occultism based skins on my site. I'm not so sure these will be wanted here so I wont post the Darker skins on this site, all my skins are FREE, this wont change. I could do with some people signing up to download the skins available on my own site to do testing of them if nothing else.

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