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Infractions as a alternative to banning someone?

Because as someone who was banned from a forum back in 2008 and recently asked the person to reinstate my account and had the person ignore my request.

I find it wrong,i feel people should be allowed to turn their lives around and given a second chance,instead of being banned for infinity,which i feel to be wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes and such,and people should be allowed to be able to turn their lives around, even on forums.

A infraction system i think would have a meter of every offense a person makes and when it is filled up, they are put on a timeout the first time,but if it's filled up again. They are perm banned.

And forums might ban a person for any reason, But i feel what should be more important nowadays is people's feelings.

If a person doesn't want to be banned, then shouldn't their feelings matter?
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