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Originally Posted by Smoothie View Post
Could you please explain how the register.patch file works? I read the instructions you posted but I'm not quite sure what it does. Oh and does this work with 3.6.5?
The file register.patch is a GNU patch file. It has the location offsets and changes necessary for the modification to work. Rather than having to edit the file manually, this patch file will do it automatically. If you download the patch file and open it in notepad, you'll get a better understanding of what it's doing. It's basically an automated 'search and replace'.

If the 3.6.5 register.php has a different offset, then the patch file will fail, so you'll need to make the file edits manually in that case.

Either way, none of the changes are irreversable. If something goes awry, you simply overwrite register.php with your backup and you're off and running again. As long as you have a backup of register.php, there's no risk.
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