Thread: Private Messages Enhancements - SMS Capabilities (Text Messaging to Cell Phone from Forums)
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Just a quick update on the Orange issue..................

Your number must have the e-mail facility set up on the orange site firstly (which is here) then after you recieve the settings and its set up on your phone ie, then you can use the system.

Another point to remember is when you set the mail up (which is free by the way) and you send the message from your forum to activate the pin number sending, the first message you recieve on your phone probably wont have the pin in the message but you can "hear" the pin by accessing your email via the "listening to your email" option (option3) and from then onwards the system works fine and dandy with text alerts via your phone. Why the first text doesnt have the pin shown but you can hear it is something im not sure of.

This maybe the case with other people using this system and not recieving the pin as the mail is not set up on the specific cell provider etc......

Just a bit of advice if it helps anyone.
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