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Originally Posted by 0tolerance View Post
yes, thats a really good one..
i infact did this to download a mod off a forum.

but i never intend to visit that site again, lol.
so perhaps it would be good to make people post a certain amount of times.
This will result in a lot of spam, believe me. A forum i used to frequent, though now dead at around 10,000 thread and 162,000 posts - the admin had offered up a GTA full game save (You know, when that sort of thing was in demand) and there were hundreds of sign ups and hundreds more spam posts that needed to be cleaned up by the mods.

Probably one in every two or three hundred of those users actually stayed to post more, and barely one or two totaly ever became a regular.

If you want people to come back its got to be unique content that they cant get anywhere else. Naturally, once you've snagged them and they're apart of the community, the work is less daunting... but that initial sign up can be a +++++.
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