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Introducing hi! Technotic - Technology based discussion boards.

Introducing a new board, hi!
We're a technology based discussion board, and have been keep a close knit community awaiting to finally come out to welcome the world!

Technology is our focus and we talk about everything from video games to cell phones to website design (I'm writing a series on learning HTML) to science!

Community Features
  • Arcade with 70+ Games (courtesy ibPro)
  • Review system for reviewing games, hardware and software (vbA Dyna)
  • Completely customized skin
  • Emphasis on thread count over post count (post count not displayed in posts)
  • Electable "Mayor" who acts as psudo-administrator during their 60 day term.
  • Dedicated users who want nothing but the best for the community

Skin Features
  • User Badges: both Achievement and Collectible
  • Inspired by Ubuntu Forums
  • phpBB Style Postbit
  • All non-default buttons and images
  • Customized "Latest 10 threads" in collapsible box in header.
  • Pillbox Style display
  • Many templates organized and rearranged for optimal use of space and presentation
  • Among other customized and original mods!

Thanks, everyone.

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