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Originally Posted by Freesteyelz View Post
As a consumer, I'm not bound by the FTC guidelines.
Yea, but I wonder how this is going to affect sites like CNET, and a lot of websites that are based off reviews of various products.

A few years ago I bought a couple of truck magazines - they were printed by different publishers. Each magazine had a writeup about a certain truck (by different authors) - both magazines used the same exact pictures and the articles were almost word for word. I figured the magazines were more of a press release then a real review.

Hopefully the new guildelines will help stop a lot of sites that do so called "reviews" and are really just a mouth piece for other companies.

As for my blogs and forums, I need to get a disclosure posted before I make any more reviews.

And, as a video blogger, I guess I have to add the disclosure to the end of the videos.
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