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Can you define the maxes for both int and num?

Im using num for a post
When i enter 9999999999999 it passes -15304950.76
When i enter 999999999999 it passes 2764471.32
When i enter 99999999999 it passes 13161348.12
When i enter 9999999999 it passes -7273800.68
When i enter 999999999 it passes 12157520.92
When i enter 99999999 it passes 14100653.08
When i enter 9999999 it finally passes 9999999

Whats going on here??

NOTE: before it is displayed it is passed thru this. (truncates the number to 2 decimals without rounding.
function truncate($number, $places){
return intval($mynumber * pow(10,$places))/pow(10,$places);
$vbulletin->GPC['num'] = truncate($vbulletin->GPC['num'], 2);
--------------- Added 30 Nov 2007 at 23:36 ---------------

Seems my Truncate function was causing it, But now it passes numbers like

How do i restrict it from doing this and just passing the number?

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