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Originally Posted by In Omnibus View Post
Meanwhile, this site does virtually nothing for customers of the product they do currently sell. So, why should they keep it up and running? You tell me.
Because there is a vBulletin 5 section that offers paid custom work and a free section as well. Given it's very limited in development, it's still there to keep the promise of 3rd party support.

Originally Posted by Panzer Max View Post
Loyalty to their customers? Past and present.

We bought the product vB made (3). We like it, we use it and we paid for it (twice). We do not like the new product (5), it is not what we want. If a company is struggling, making the product their customers want is the first thing they should examine.
I believe they can't be doing that bad in sales or they would already be developing something else. I do not like vB5 either, but there are some who do. I've seen some communities start developing Reddit type forums. All depends on taste and what the consumer wants. They want to focus on their newer software, I can understand it. They even released security fixes after EOL. I'd like to see anyone go to Apple and ask them to patch a security flaw in an iPhone 1G.
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