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Originally Posted by snakes1100 View Post
If the user has subscriptions, then they will get notification emails if its turned on.

Using what Dr. suggested isnt a fix, as the system is just masking users with bad emails.

The users most like where spam account signups in the first place.

Thats why i keep seperate usergroups for users with bad emails, i lock their account down until the email issue is fixed.

If you keep up on it, its not a big deal to keep users in check.

Do you have validate emails enabled when registering?

How will the product I suggested not work, if everything is as described:
  • It stops sending emails to addresses that are no longer valid
  • It collects emails that "bounce" (are returned to you, the sender)

This should exactly solve his problem, should solve yours as well apparently. Now if the code works for vb3 or not I do not know I only took a quick look at it and saw no noticeable conflicts to keep it from working with vb3 as well.
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