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Originally Posted by Dr.CustUmz View Post
FB connect is obsolete

as for the rest did you download them from 3rd party sites? I see vBadvanced so I'm guessing some others may have been downloaded else where too.

Leachers will inject ads and malicious codes into products that is why I choose to share my products myself on vbulletin warez sites, because I would rather share something myself than to have someone redistribute my work and ruin my name.

But as snake said your going to have to clear your server host cache. Not knowing your provider, there could be a few ways to do this, so just google "how to clear site cache SERVER PROVIDER"

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UPDATE neither link is displaying the misc. code for me (it is the same file either way) i could change ?v=3811 to ?v=41354 and it is still the same file (that v is only for caching)

knowing what we are looking for though:
- put all of your products you are using into one folder on your desktop
- open notepad++
- CTRL + F
- Find in files
- point the directory to your folder containing all the product files.
- Find What: graizoah
- Filters: *.xml*
- click find all

Repeat replacing filters with *.php*

If it is one of those products it should show up.
First of all, thanks for the help, both of you..

All plugins were installed from this forum. By your instructions I've checked all plugins, 0 found the mentioned keyword.

Regarding the cache, I'm on namecheap hosting, can't find in cPanel something that could flush it. It's not on my end, I've tried at work, same ads pop up.
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