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Custom bbcode tag - handling in editor?


I'm trying to add a tag that needs to do more than html or js (so I can't use the manager), but I bumped into a puzzler right away.

I did the following:

- in core/vb/api/bbcode.php, fetchTagList(), added:

$tag_list['no_option']['test'] = array('callback'=> 'handle_bbcode_code', etc

Basically, the same assignment as for the code tag, using the same handler function, just changing the tag name.

- in core/includes/class_bbcode.php, fetch_tag_list(), the same thing.

Now when I make a post that has (without the space):

[c ode]Foo[/code]


Both are properly and identically formatted. Great. However, when I then edit that post, it looks like this in the editor:

[c ode]Foo[/code]


When I save that post, the test tags are lost. Is there another hook for handling the tags inside the editor that I'm missing somewhere?

Thanks in advance.
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