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Server Advice

I've recently transfered my forum over to an upgraded server (dedicated just for the forum).

This is what we decided on (I know it's not a big setup but I really can't justify anything bigger at the moment).

Processor: Core2Quad 2.40GHZ
Operating Systems: CentOS 5.x
Control Panels: Directadmin
Extra Memory: 2 GB RAM (ECC Registered)
Storage: RAID 1 (Bi-daily off site SQL backups)

On the old server I was splitting the resources with a friend (who did all the server management) but on this one it's 100% me (and I'm more of a software guy than hardware).

My question is; how much do you think I can throw at it before I'll be looking to upgrade again...
At the moment we get a mimimum of 50,000 page views a day (growing by approx. 150,000 extra page views a month, based on last month).

... and when it gets to the point of upgrading what would be the first thing to change?

Any advice would be great.

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