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Am just trying this out on a test server (where I'm playing with the 3.6 beta)

Haven't decided on all the content - was thinking of adsense or maybe links to products at amazon, and then links to related sites. Can't really decide on content yet, but figured it would be good to have this kind of area.

I also think I'd have this on one style but not another, just giving users choice

What I was wondering, (because I get scared changing code )
was does this work if I want three or four contents

Is it just a case of adding another bit of code like this,
<td class="alt1">
Column Content 2

Also I was wondering if I could get a space between say content 1 and 2 so it apears like a box with content, some white space a box with more content.

Should I press install? its only a test page server right now so not sure.

Thanks very much, this was so easy to install and so offers me extra options for my site, and providing it works with the 3.6 gold I'll definitely use it
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