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Originally Posted by mitch84 View Post
check your extension gif/png
Yup, we need to edit template and make it use .gif, the ones specified by default are .png

Originally Posted by advancedgamerz View Post
ok ive uploaded these to the correct spot but because they are gif images they will not show up on the forums. i cant change them to png images because they will lose their animation. where do u go in the style editor to change the file path for these 2 images.
In VBulletin admin area, navigate to Styles & Templates > Search in Templates > Search for Text (class="inlineimg onlinestatus") edit the template titled "postbit_onlinestatus" there, you will find the code to replace .png with .gif.

Originally Posted by Walter Ronny View Post
i'd to know where to modify for see gifs! using 4x version! thanks.
Using above steps, you can make it work in 4.x.x version. Its working just fine on my 4.2.0
(link in signature if anyone is willing to see them in action)

Originally Posted by XGC Paravain View Post
Ok I installed them and nothing How do I make these work?
Look above

Originally Posted by XGC Paravain View Post
Ok I got the path working but the images are not showing up just my username and saying im online can some one help me on my screenshot you will see what im saying also im running 4.2.0
Did you make the path changes in "postbit_onlinestatus"?
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