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Originally Posted by Tolas View Post
I have the same issue with the armory imports just going and going and going. I ran the job manually from the admin panel, got no error, it said it completed the job and showed the characters it imported. Back to calendar and still acting like its hung on importing, no info is shown at all.
Hopefully it eventually went through? This is common when the Armory is unreachable.

Originally Posted by Mother_Dee View Post
I would love to see perhaps icons, say if an event has a trigger word in the title such as "Black Temple", "BT", "Temple", etc.) it would show the BT icon on the calendar. It would also be very cool to be able to set the number of signups or the classes necessary, etcetera, though that becomes massively complicated, I know.

Finally, it would be neat to see it perhaps even tied in with a bit of a revamped "Upcoming Events Module" for vBadvanced to also show the corresponding icon (BT, TK, MH, etc.), perhaps even number of attendees (20/25, etc...) and the like.

This is a far superior mod to the previous, I really enjoy seeing you and Sweede compete for most WoW mods, it makes for a some great Guild Forums.
Thanks, some of these suggestions have also been requested by my guild and are on my see-if-I-can-do list.
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