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al3bed thanks for this mod i really like the options it has and it suits my site really well BUT ive just tryed this with firefox3 and i can still get the content.
Try it yourself browse to the page with the images on you want, then disable javascript in browser, then right click the image you wana steal !!
it will only let you grab the images though untill you refresh then you can copy and paste again ect,ect

Admitinly on refresh your redirect page pop-up comes up but if you simply dont allow the redirect the content is yours for the picking.

Maybe more research is needed for this mod to work 100% ?

Edit.... just reread thread again and i misunderstood this mod at first as i thought it completely stoped the right click ect,ect,
looks like this is WIP so i hope these little issues can be sorted in near future

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