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Originally Posted by Andreas
As this is a common request for integration purposes, I thought I should write up another HowTo

If you want to add a new user to the vBulletin database, you can use Class vB_Datamanager_User.
This Calss does make sure that everything is OK, it will also take care of the default registration options.


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Perhaps I am missing something...but I cannot get the above code to work. Could you provide a complete, self contained script that can be executed on the cmd line (or exec'd or remote require'd from another program)? I have searched through this forum and found examples of creating a thread , but this is the only code reference to creating a user --- which is exactly what I am after!

My goal in this is to have my own CMS manage the registration: The user will register in my CMS (custom designed CMS -- this is not a 3rd party off-the-shelf CMS), then call a script to add the user to the forum.


vB 3.5

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