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Versions (the app I'm using on OSX to commit/update files in SVN) don't have a statistics system on it - so I can't tell you

Due to the late of the release and latest changes in vBulletin, the version 2.1.2 will be 4.0.8+ only. Sorry for users which are using previous versions but like a lot of designers/coders, we can't add support for every releases as there is a lot of changes in every of them.

After this version, we are expecting to move to 2.2 with some new features (2.1.2 will have some of them but 2.2 should have more specific new features). I think 2.1 will have more updates but these could be only maintenance update (bug fixes).

When this will be released, I'll post here some changelog for 2.1.2
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