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Guys...To Place it Easy Manually...anywhere to your FORUMHOME you have to set it like this...

Go > ACP > vB Options > VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics

Main Top Stats box on ForumHome - No Auto Insertion

Show Stats on pages (OPTIONAL) - Index
Note: Read Info.txt for explanation on this function

Show Stats in templates (comma separated template names) - FORUMHOME

Manually Insert This Code Anywhere You Like: ( Find The Blue/ Insert The Red )

Below Header / Logo

{vb:raw header}

{vb:raw vsatopstats}

Below Navbar Chatbox

{vb:raw navbar}

{vb:raw vsatopstats}

Below: Mark Forums Read | View Site Leaders

{vb:rawphrase view_forum_leaders}

<!-- VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics (AJAX) -->
{vb:raw vsatopstats}
<!--VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics (AJAX) -->

Below What's Going On or Footer

<!-- end what's going on box -->

{vb:raw vsatopstats}

or anywhere you like....

NOTE: To Avoid To Wide: Reduce or Adjust This:

Trim Thread/Blog Titles (0 - forum default, 1 - no trimming)
Trim Forum/Group Titles (0 to disable)
Trim Usernames (0 to disable)
Space between cells (in pixels)


goodluck and best regards to all ...

once again let's thanks Valter for this or all of his wonderful mods....and always be patience for any problem you will encounter...or let's not be a pain in his ass by complaining something imidiately....instead if you have too much money and him a he can work faster and perfectly about updating all his mod hack...


My vBulletin Mod Hacks
Along With Some Helpful vB.Org Genious Coders & Designers, I Release This Modification...Please Don't Hesitate To PM Me For Support As Long As I Can.

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