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Question Custom Profile Field Images

vB 5.6.3. VB versions prior to 5.x.x allowed images to be displayed, as examples, for country flags, sports teams, zodiac signs & others in member's post data, what used to be labeled "postbit." This topic is pointed to at vBulletin's forum for directions. It doesn't work.

How to call & display a graphic for each member's custom profile field choice? (Tried the VBRocks mod, doesn't work with current vB version.) Does CSS need to support template?

All images uploaded to server. (chmodded) Custom fields created & drop-down menus populated with text matching file names. Enabled hooks, created hook, a template, displaying fields as text works after selecting options in member profile settings.

Code in Conversation/conversation_fields template:

{vb:data userInfo, user, fetchProfileInfo, {vb:raw conversation.userid}}

<vb:if condition="$userInfo['field18']"><li><label>{vb<colon>phrase field18_title}: </label> <span>{vb:raw userInfo.customFields.default.field18_title.val}</span></li></vb:if>

*Note: (Emoticon displays at vb com using : , instead of <colon> )
Received one suggestion, already in coding. Either I'm not following or would require many lines of code using all image file names:

"If picture has same name as the value...could use it to show pictures uploaded to server."

HTML Code:

{vb:raw userInfo.customFields.default.field18_title.val}
OR: traditional coding (full path?), where to insert?

<img src="{vb:raw post.field18}" align="middle" alt="{vb:raw post.field18}" border=""/>
Thanks for ideas.
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