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How To Create Media Definitions for AME 2.5
--BirdOPrey5 explains the basic info you need for creating media definitions.

Embed RegEx
--A Brief explanation as to how to use the Embed regexp (now called Extraction RegEx) field in definitions.
--Comprehensive Regular Expressions Tutorial and Reference Guide.

DJ's Frequently Asked Questions (AME 2.5)
--An update of Dannyloski's Trouble Shooting Guide, this FAQ addresses the most common problems associated with AME.

DJ's Definitions FAQ
--Information on specific definitions and their peculiarities as well some tips and tricks on how to use AME.

RegExBuddy Buddy Trial Download
--Limited free trial period with option to buy licence. I'd advise learning with this first, before trying the freeware below.

--Free Regular Expressions tester for beginners or the advanced. Excellent version if you don't want to spend quite that much on a tester. This is the one I currently use. Requires registration after a trial period, but remains free after registration.

--A newer RegEx tester that also has a free trial period. I have not tested this one personally.
--An Online JavaScript Regular Expression tester based on open source project XRegExp. Works very similar to RegExBuddy.

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