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Originally Posted by kronnos View Post
For some reason, when not loged in, the search button the the navigation bar does not have a drop down with options when clicked. I do have search available for guests but did not ever see an option to hide the drop down option for guests.

When a guest clicked on search, it does not give a dropdown option where I also have google search as an option. This means that guests cant use google search, only the advanced search run by the search.php script. So anyway to enable the dropdown or to have the search button link to another url like: forum/googlesearch.php instead of default forum/search.php?

Thank You!
There's obviously an error in your navbar template code. You say you have a google search option? That's not out-of-box vBulletin functionality, so there's an error in your customized code. Likely an if conditional is incorrect or the link is not coded correctly.

At anyrate - It's quite difficult to troubleshoot for you when you've posted neither the code, nor link to your site o.O

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