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Originally Posted by Master Of Unive View Post
As you can see, things which are related to forum are nearly dead. So you should check carefully all the information before buying. If latest support questions or updated time to now is more than 3 months, it is done.

Not only PureVB but DBTech, ProVB, almost every brand and coder have gone inactive, even this forum.

I just miss old days of forum so I'm visiting every forum that I remember (if they're alive), in free time now. is a free site though w/ volunteers, those others you listed are paid mods/support sites so there is a clear difference on what support given, is expected based on that aspect alone.

Good advice though, check for activity on their site before purchasing... did someone else purchase then make an inquiry only to be overlooked? I'd find that questionable, in the end it would be best to contact any developer directly before purchasing to ensure all questions are answered and that serves as a record if you have to open a dispute on paypal or similar.
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