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Bunny! Best way to return to VB?

About 9 months ago I left Vbulletin -- I found some really nifty looking software that seemed to meet all my needs (Woltlab Suite) and decided to give it a try.

I was using VB4 and never liked the lack of customisation in VB5 -- and WSC had all of that plus responsiveness.

But for some reason isn't working -- I have no idea why but the traffic is down, people don't get on with it like they did with VB and, well the move seems to have been a mistake.

To be honest I really don't understand the problem - WSC software is good, but my members still seem to prefer the older VB4 we used before.

So, I want to come back to VB, but...

The thing I didn't consider is that there are next to no export scripts for WSC -- I can import into WSC from VB, but I can't come back. I'm stuck in a one way street.

I still have the VB4 database and files from 9 months ago, but 9 months of forum is a lot to lose.

So, I'm after ideas, suggestions and experiences?

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