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It is allowed to place google adsense ads on pages which are not accessable for guests,
eg. staff forums or private member forums.

If you do you have 2 options:
1) do nothing: the google adsense spider can't crawl the content and will display ads depending on the page title and meta tags (I think)
2) create a member account for the adsense spider > add the appropriate access rights > go to your adsense account > adsense setup > Site Authentication > and enter all necessary infos
from now on the google adsense spider will be able to access your restricted forums to crawl the content for more targeted ads

also the search page and new posts page is a content page which means you can display ads

in regards to the userCP, for my websites I contacted google about the problem and they told me, it is within their guidelines to have ads there too.
HOWEVER no warranties what so ever, ask google yourself to make sure!

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