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At the cost of making just another "wow, this is great", post- I want you to know how much this thread is helping me make the journey from years of vb 3.7 bigotry to the world of VB4

I've applied a lot of hacks and skin/template customizations in my 3.7 that it was always going to be a royal pain to get converted. The stylevar redo alone was very difficult for me as the vb is really inadequate on explaining this. Having to use the search process for every last style variable is a stone age approach, and you need a good understanding of CSS so you can determine the correct inheritance. The video is a good one, but it assumes you understand the context, and many do not.

The tools you listed here really, really help. So - Thank you. I hope you have a beverage of choice on me

I'm sorry if my opinion on vb stock documentation concerning stylevars offends developers, but it is a sorry piece of work in that respect. Any time we only document 40% of something, it's better off left undone. And being an IT Architect (mainframe thru PC's) for 33+ years and writing white papers for a living, I figure I've got a slight insight on the matter. Maybe it's just too many years of having every last bit (and i do mean a bit as in 8 to a byte) defined in IBM manuals and being able base programming and process off such a foundation has spoiled me.

At any rate, Superman, you did me a good service here.
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