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Originally Posted by wampforum View Post
are there only 2 monsters you can use parts from? I can only find dragon and golem!! same with items only found one, should there be more?
Only 3 with the lite version (2 starters and one combo) Pro version has 4 starters & 6 combos, and there is an optional addon pack available which adds anothe 4 starters and 6 combos.

Originally Posted by Hall of Famer View Post
Sounds cool to me, if you include an evolution system then I'd sure be considering buying it at a comfortable price.
There is already an evolution system of sorts in place. Every combination of 2 different monsters, when bred, have a chance of created an evolved (combo) monster, which is a all new body and uses parts from either parents and can result in some pretty awesome creations =).

We felt the breeding system was the best way to implement evolutions, since otherwise evolutions would be weak compared with newly bred monsters =)

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