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Originally posted by nakkid
vivi, you are correct. this is not a hack. a hack involves editing of the php code (queries, arrays, etc)...
open file admin/index.php


makenavselect("Statistics & Logs","<hr>",$df);

Under that add:

// ***
makenavoption("Viewing Main Forum","../index.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing Users Online","../online.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing PMs","../private.php?=","<br>");
makenavoption("Viewing Memberlist","../memberlist.php?=","<br>");
makenavselect("Forum Viewing Options","<hr>");

save and reupload it into the admin folder and thats all enjoy...
looks like editing the php code to me =P

Originally posted by Reeve of shinra
what does it add?
Click the attachment doofus :tired:
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