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Originally Posted by RUBE View Post
Hello Everybody,

I'm looking for a way (mod or something) that I could get a list of
Top 5 or Top 10 posters in past 30 days or week, for contest & such.

I think it would give admins great info about recent activity on the forum.

Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank You for Your Time!!!!!
Maybe this is something you are interested in. I would think that the search query could be changed to include a date. Perhaps put in a feature request if not:

Glenn from has a new mod due out very soon. You may want to inquire when his mod will be released (personally I am ecstatic and overly anxious). The mod looks to be very competitive to Dragonbyte Info Panels, but Glenn's statistic module is sure to be fully functional and not in "Beta". Glenn's support is sure to surpass.

Check out post number 4:


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