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All vBGarage Code I have released is available at the computer help forum. Magnus and Action-N are still credited for their contributions and the fact magnus got this started.

However, this is no longer even close to the code magnus released as 3.11, it has evolved way beyond that. The primary reason I am now managing this code is that during the 3.11 period magnus was not available and the garage was under attack from kiddie scripters. I fixed mine myself. After weeks of seeing the probelm I stepped up and offered my patch at the time. Things went form there.

So the vBGarage code is available for 4.0.4 if requested and 4.1.0 beta is posted.

vGarage is also ported to a vBulletin 3.5 plugin and working well. There are many new additions and enhancements too.

No one was abondoned. Like many other premium coders, we think it's best if we post and manage our code when and where we choose.

Please remember, vBGarage 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 4.3.5 are copyrighted material.

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