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Originally Posted by noppid
This is between me and magnus, thanks for your concern. He knows how to contact me.

Yes you are 100% right if you say it is between you and Magnus. I am sorry if i gave the impression that i was trying to interphere in that.

I just didn't understand the meaning of your reply and i was hoping that you could word it different so i could understand. You must forgive me, but sometimes it is hard, not being a native English speaker.

On the other hand if you are using our forums to promote private distribution of materials for which the copyright is held by someone else, then it is not only a question between you and Magnus anymore. But this is not up to us to decide (in my opinion this still is up to magnus, personal opinion). But since this forum is already being used to promote your site, it is reasonable i think that i am trying to understand what you are posting here.
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