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Originally Posted by Erwin
Just to make one thing clear, no staff except for those who are also staff are Jelsoft employees. We are merely volunteers, just like you and other members of

This is just to clarify that one point for other members who may read this. That's all.

We always encourage hacks to be released on official Jelsoft sites to prevent piracy but obviously every hacker has a right to do what he wishes with his hack. We all respect this.
Thanks for the reply. I appeciate the clarification. Rather then deal with ownership, I have coded a totally new photo gallery as a vBulletin 3.5 plugin. It is vBulletin 3.5 code which makes it 100% unique. vBGarage is incomaptable with vBulletin 3.5. There are at least 29 points of difference between this and vBGarage. There will be no copyright issues.

To avoid future concerns over the vBGarage copyright it's probably best if it is left alone. Magnus has the base code in 3.11 to continue the job if he desires. The 4.x.x code is withdrawn to protect his interests.

If he wants to continue, he can contact me for permission to use the 4.x code in the future. That makes the copyright respect go both ways which is only fair if in fact this is stated to have been a partnership and not that I took over.

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